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Doç. Dr. Aylin Kılıç

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Aylin Kılıç is a surgeon working in the field of cataract and refractive surgery and keratoconus with an international career. She was born in 1974 and graduated from Hacettepe University. She gained advanced surgical experience at a young age (50.000 surgical experience at the age of 35) and thus completed her academic career.


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Laser Eye Surgery

Keratoconus is a disease that impairs the quality of vision by thinning the normally round cornea forward into a cone shape. In addition to a genetic predisposition, eye rubbing can also contribute to the progression of the disease.

KeraNatural application, performed for the first time in the world by Assoc. Professor Aylin Kılıç, is a painless, fast, safe and comfortable natural corneal tissue placement method by tunneling into the weakened corneal layer with the help of laser without anesthesia.

Aylin Kılıç Lasik Tedavisi

Laser eye surgery (eye mapping) is performed to treat eye defects such as nearsightedness, myopia and astigmatism.

Glasses and lenses are removed after personalized laser eye surgery. Laser eye surgery, which has been practiced for many years, helps individuals improve their quality of life by providing clearer vision.


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