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Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç is a surgeon with an international career in cataract and refractive surgery and keratoconus.

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How can we help you?

Experience LASIK surgery with the comfort of Laser PrimeCare!

Introducing Laser PrimeCare, an advanced method for laser vision correction!

Laser Primecare represents a comprehensive pre-operative strategy designed to improve tear film quality for patients undergoing laser eye procedures. This approach recognises the vital role that tears play in the overall health and recovery of the eyes, especially after laser surgery.
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What is Dry Eye?

Dry eye is a common eye condition that occurs when your eyes do not produce enough tears or tears evaporate too quickly. It can lead to discomfort, irritation and potential damage to the front surface of the eyes if left untreated.

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What is Keratoconus?

Keratoconus is a progressive eye disorder affecting the cornea, the transparent front part of the eye. It is a condition that usually begins in adolescence or early adulthood and gradually worsens over time. Living with keratoconus can present unique challenges, both physically and emotionally. Because it affects at a young age, it can especially affect education and career life.
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What is Intraocular Lens?

A common symptom of Lens Dysfunction Syndrome is cataract, in which the natural lens of the eye becomes cloudy, causing visual impairment. Cataracts usually develop with age but can also be caused by factors such as genetics, diabetes or prolonged exposure to certain medications. When cataracts significantly affect daily life, Intraocular lens (IOL) implantation emerges as the primary intervention method.
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Course 2

Keranatural Course

We are excited to announce the upcoming Keranatural Training Course, exclusively designed for ophthalmologists and eye care professionals. This comprehensive program aims to provide in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in the latest advancements and techniques in Keranatural treatments.

Course Details:

  • Date: 28 September 2024
  • Location: Bomonti Hilton, Istanbul
  • Language: English

About Me

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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Surgical Experience

Aylin Kılıç is a surgeon working in the field of cataract and refractive surgery and keratoconus with an international career. She was born in 1974 and graduated from Hacettepe University. She gained advanced surgical experience at a young age (50.000 surgical experience at the age of 35) and thus completed her academic career.

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Why Aylin Kılıç?

Swiss Approach
in Eye Surgery

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Aylin Kılıç brings the precision and quality of Swiss innovation and the warmth and generosity of Turkish hospitality to the world of eye health. She continues to improve the lives of individuals around the world with her innovative approaches, exceptional customer service and a distinctive blend of Swiss precision and Turkish hospitality.


High-Quality Treatments

All our treatments are carried out by highly trained and experienced professionals, utilising the latest technology and processes to ensure the best possible results.


Personalized Service

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are always available to answer questions and provide expert advice to ensure our customers find the perfect vision correction solution for their needs.


Affordable Prices

At Swiss Vision Group, we believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality vision correction services, which is why we offer a variety of treatments at affordable prices.


Comprehensive Aftercare

We’re not just about programmes, we’re here to give you long-term support. Our comprehensive aftercare programme will help you maintain the highest level of eye care, ensuring long-term safety and optimum performance results.


International Awards

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Contact Me

You can contact me for your disease, my treatment methods and all other issues you are curious about.