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Assoc Prof Aylin Kılıç is a distinguished and internationally renowned laser vision correction surgeon, widely recognized for her exceptional contributions to the field of ophthalmology. Holding a Certificate from the College of Refractive Surgery and Visual Sciences, she has demonstrated an outstanding level of expertise in various areas, including cataract surgery, myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism correction.

With an impressive track record, Assoc Prof Aylin Kılıç has accumulated extensive experience, having successfully performed over 50,000 surgeries. This remarkable accomplishment places her among the most seasoned and skilled surgeons in the field, earning the trust and admiration of patients and colleagues alike.

Her commitment to advancing the field is evident through her active participation in international refractive surgery societies, where she holds significant positions. This engagement showcases her dedication to staying at the forefront of advancements in ophthalmic surgery and her willingness to contribute to the global discourse in the field.

In addition to her clinical achievements, Assoc Prof Aylin Kılıç has made substantial contributions to the academic community. She has delivered hundreds of presentations at international conferences, sharing her knowledge and insights with peers and professionals worldwide. Moreover, her research efforts are reflected in the publication of numerous academic articles, further establishing her as a thought leader in the realm of refractive surgery.

Notably, Assoc Prof Aylin Kılıç has earned recognition as a keratoconus expert, specializing in halting the progression of keratoconus cases that have undergone corneal transplantation surgery. This expertise underscores her commitment to tackling challenging cases and providing innovative solutions to patients with complex eye conditions.

Her exceptional contributions have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by the nine international awards she has received for her work in refractive surgery. These accolades highlight her outstanding skill, dedication, and impact on the advancement of surgical techniques and patient care.

Assoc Prof Aylin Kılıç‘s multifaceted career, marked by clinical excellence, academic contributions, and leadership roles in international societies, positions her as a prominent figure in the global ophthalmic community. Her commitment to pushing the boundaries of refractive surgery and enhancing patient outcomes continues to inspire and elevate the field.



Pioneer of Keranatural

Meet Assoc Prof Aylin Kılıç

Experience, Expertise, Excellence in Management of Keratoconus, Laser Vision Correction, Intraocular lenses.

Assoc Prof Aylin Kılıç is an internationally renowned speaker, scientist, academician, and highly experienced surgeon dedicated to advancing the field of ophthalmology. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to improving patients’ lives, she has made significant contributions to the understanding and treatment of keratoconus, a progressive eye disorder.

Dr. Kılıç’s journey began with a strong academic foundation, earning her degrees in medicine and surgery before specializing in ophthalmology. Throughout her career, she has held positions at esteemed institutions, gaining expertise in surgical techniques and research methodologies.

One of Dr. Kılıç’s notable collaborations was with the Vision Gift Eye Bank in the USA, where she worked tirelessly to advance the field of corneal transplantation and improve access to sight-saving procedures. This partnership laid the groundwork for her groundbreaking discovery – Keranatural, a revolutionary treatment for keratoconus.

Keranatural – CAIRS (Corneal Architecture Imaging and Refractive Surgery) represents a paradigm shift in the management of keratoconus. Dr. Kılıç’s pioneering work in developing this treatment has transformed the lives of countless patients worldwide, offering hope and improved vision where previously there was limited recourse.

Central to Dr. Kılıç’s success is her development of the Istanbul Nomogram, a sophisticated tool that optimizes the outcomes of keratoconus treatments. This nomogram, derived from meticulous research and analysis of over 1000 cases treated with Keranatural, has earned widespread recognition and acclaim within the international surgical community. Its implementation has set a new standard of care, ensuring more predictable and favorable outcomes for patients.

In addition to her groundbreaking research, Dr. Kılıç is committed to education and training. As a respected educator, she conducts courses and workshops for surgeons worldwide, sharing her expertise and empowering colleagues to deliver the highest quality care to their patients.

Dr. Kılıç’s contributions to ophthalmology have not gone unnoticed, with numerous awards and accolades recognizing her achievements. Her dedication to advancing the field and improving patient outcomes continues to drive her work, inspiring colleagues and patients alike.

In summary, Assoc Prof Aylin Kılıç stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in ophthalmology. Through her groundbreaking research, visionary leadership, and unwavering commitment to patient care, she has reshaped the landscape of keratoconus treatment, leaving an indelible mark on the field and enhancing the quality of life for countless individuals around the globe.

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