Can Cataract Surgery Affect Depth Perception?

Cataract surgery is a surgical operation in which the opaque lens of the eye is replaced. When it comes to a surgical operation, we can also talk about side effects, which are often temporary. “Can cataract surgery affect depth perception?”, which is one of the questions asked by patients, can be counted among these side effects. Well, can there really be changes in depth perception after surgery?

Does Cataract Surgery Change Our Depth Perception?

There may be some changes in the patient’s depth perception after surgery. Especially if surgery is not performed for both eyes at the same time, changes in depth perception may occur due to the difference in vision between the eyes with and without cataract surgery.

Another reason is a large refractive error difference between the two eyes after surgery. In this case, which is called anisometropia, changes in depth perception may occur because the two eyes have different focal points.

Another factor that causes a change in depth perception in cataract surgery is the type of lens used. Depending on the type of lens used, the patient may feel changes in depth perception, even temporarily.

Katarakt Ameliyatı Derinlik Algısını Etkileyebilir mi

Most of the time, after the adaptation process is completed, the feeling of change in depth perception starts to return to normal. In this process, both the patient’s vision improves and the depth perception becomes normal over time.

If the patient experiences a disturbing depth perception problem or vision problem during this process, it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor. Doctor controls should not be interrupted against any negativity that may occur during the adaptation process.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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