Can I Have Laser in Summer?

Laser eye surgery is one of the ideal treatment methods for patients with vision disorders due to refractive errors in their eyes. If we make a general evaluation, the treatment is effective in both the healing process and vision correction. Of course, there are many questions about such a popular treatment method. One of the most common questions we encounter nowadays is “Is laser eye surgery possible in summer?”. As you know, summer months are coming and temperatures are rising. So does the changing season have any effect on the operation?

Can I Have Laser Eye Surgery in Summer?

The answer to the question is very clear. There is no obstacle to laser eye surgery in the summer months. You can easily have laser surgery in the summer months. The important thing here is to pay attention to the postoperative process according to seasonal conditions. After the surgery, you should not enter the sea or pool for the periods determined by the doctor. Apart from this, you should routinely follow the doctor’s controls and follow-up treatments as prescribed by the doctor. We can say that the same applies to other eye operations. Summer is not an obstacle to laser or cataract surgery.

Yaz Aylarında Lazer Olur mu

You should follow your doctor’s advice and have all your controls before the operation.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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