Can Laser Treatment Cure High Myopia?

Laser eye surgery is one of the popular treatment methods preferred to treat common eye defects. Although it is a method that is frequently preferred and preferred by patients who want to say goodbye to their glasses, it should be said that it is not possible to apply laser treatment to every patient. We get a lot of questions about this issue. In our content that we will share today, one of the most frequently asked questions is “Does high myopia improve with laser treatment? Or can high myopia patients be laser?” We will answer the question.

Are High Myopia Patients Suitable for Laser Treatment?

We will not go into technical information, degrees, etc. here. Rather than giving the answer to the question in sharp clear statements, let’s proceed a little more descriptive and understandable.

When applying laser treatment in patients with high myopia or even high astigmatism, the condition of the person’s eye should be evaluated. After the laser treatment, the patient’s cornea must remain thick enough, that is, it must remain within safe limits.

This safety limit is a subject that varies from patient to patient. Your congenital corneal thickness plays a decisive role here. In other words, the main issue to be considered here is whether the thickness of the cornea is sufficient. Let’s say your myopia or astigmatism is low but your cornea is congenitally thin. In this case, you are not a suitable patient for laser.

The reverse will also be true. So let’s say your corneal thickness is sufficient and you have a high number. Even if you have a high number, you may be a suitable patient for laser because your corneal thickness is sufficient.

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To make a decision, it is necessary to determine how suitable your cornea and other findings are. If your cornea is suitable, you can choose laser treatment even if you have high myopia or astigmatism.

The specialist doctor will make the most appropriate decision for this. With a detailed eye examination, the most appropriate treatment for you is determined.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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