Can Lenses Used in Cataract Surgery Be Replaced?

Cataract surgery is one of the most important treatment methods for a person to regain healthy vision. In the treatment method in question, the patient’s opaque lens, which has lost its transparency, is removed and replaced with an artificial lens, allowing the patient to regain his/her vision. So, can these lenses inserted into the patient’s eye during cataract surgery be replaced later? Is lens replacement possible? Let’s look for an answer to this question.

Can the lens implanted for cataracts be replaced?

Before answering the question, we need to mention a few important information. As in all other eye surgery procedures, the patient should be examined in detail before cataract surgery.

Before the operation, it is necessary to choose the most suitable lens for the patient. In this way, the need for lens replacement is minimized.

If we go back to the answer to our question, yes, the lens for cataracts can be replaced. But we can say that this is not a very preferred procedure. Since the preferred lens integrates with the eye after a while, contrary to popular belief, it will not be easy to discard the lens. In other words, although it is technically possible to change the lens later due to various needs, this is not a very preferred situation.

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Here we also understand how important the doctor’s assessment is. It is very important to examine the patient’s eye structure in detail and to choose the best lens for the patient as much as the eye allows. In this way, an important step is taken in preventing the need for change that may occur in the future.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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