Can the Laser Patient Have Cataract Surgery?

Laser treatments are widely used to improve eye health and eliminate refractive errors. As it is so widely preferred, people are also curious about the effect of laser operations on other eye diseases. The most common question here is “Can cataract surgery be performed after laser?”. Considering that cataract is a problem that we will encounter especially in later ages, we can see that the answer to this question is also important. Let’s explain in detail.

People with Laser Can Have Cataract Surgery

If we consider the standard conditions, it is also possible for people with laser to have cataract surgery. What is important here is that the surgeons first make a full assessment of the person’s eye health.

This is important to assess the possible effects of the laser treatments on the cataract surgery. This is because the cornea becomes somewhat thinner during laser surgery. Before the cataract operation, biometric measurements are taken to determine what kind of intraocular lens the patient will use.

The refractive index of the cornea is also used as a parameter. After the laser, the refractive index of the cornea may also change. Therefore, it is important to make the right measurements for cataract surgery and to evaluate the measurements for the patient’s eye condition after the laser operation.

In these comprehensive evaluations, surgeons will also assess whether the cataract surgery is appropriate for the person’s overall health.

Lazer Olan Hasta Katarakt Ameliyatı Olabilir mi


Considering the effects of laser technology on eye health, it is generally possible for people with laser to have cataract surgery with proper evaluation and surgical planning. Therefore, it is important for people considering cataract surgery to consult a specialized ophthalmologist first.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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