Can We Have Laser Surgery in Summer?

Laser treatment is one of the most effective solutions to say goodbye to glasses or lenses. Especially with the innovations brought by the developing technology, it is a fact that the effectiveness of laser treatment has increased even more. Yes, laser treatment is now an effective treatment to eliminate refractive errors and save patients from glasses or lenses, but can we always have laser? Especially with the arrival of the summer months and the opening of the sea season, we are faced with the question of whether there will be any drawbacks to having laser surgery in summer. Let’s both answer this question and eliminate a misunderstanding.

Can We Have Laser Treatment in Summer?

I would like to start by answering this question. Yes, you can have laser treatment in the summer months. There is no limitation for this. We can only say that there are additional points that we should pay attention to, taking into account the weather conditions created by the season. Let’s add the following information about these immediately.

Yazın Lazer Ameliyatı Olmanın Bir Sakıncası Var mı

These Should Be Considered While Having Laser Treatment in Summer

  • Sunglasses Use: Wearing sunglasses with high UV protection after surgery protects the eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. Sunglasses help the eyes to be more comfortable and protected from environmental factors during the healing process.
  • Use of Eye Drops: Regular use of eye drops recommended by the doctor after laser surgery helps prevent dry eye syndrome and accelerate the healing process. Especially in summer, it is important to use eye drops to keep the eyes moisturized. In fact, we can consider this not only for the summer period but also as a generally applicable item.
  • Eye Protection: Avoiding swimming pools, sea and dusty environments reduces the risk of infection of the eyes. Especially in the summer months, you should not enter the sea or pool for the periods specified by your doctor. Thus, you are not faced with the risk of infection.
  • Rest and Recovery Process: It is important to rest and avoid activities that will strain the eyes during the recovery process after laser eye surgery. In summer, it will be useful to rest in cool and shady areas to protect from the effects of hot weather and bright sunlight.

Regardless of the season, you should follow your doctor’s warnings step by step before and after the operation. This is one of the important points in order to prevent any complications that may occur during the healing process.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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