Can you have laser surgery after the age of 40?

In the treatment of common eye defects, the laser method is among the first methods considered by patients due to its fast recovery and high success rate. While laser eye surgery often stands out as the first choice, the first research that patients do in this direction is to investigate whether they are suitable for laser. Especially, we often encounter the question “Is it possible to have laser after 40 years of age?”. In this blog content, we will try to answer this frequently wondered question.

Is it possible to be laser after 40? Should it be preferred?

First of all, let’s start by saying that we cannot actually talk about an age limit for laser treatment. Laser eye surgery can be preferred for suitable patients regardless of age limits. The condition of the patient’s eye is an important factor here.

If we go back to the age of 40, after the early 40s, the lens of the eye starts to lose its flexibility due to aging. Accordingly, near vision problems occur over time. For patients over the age of 40, the patient’s condition is evaluated when making a laser decision.

If the patient over 40 is hyperopic, intraocular lens treatment is recommended, not laser treatment. But of course, it should be noted that the lens may not be useful for every number in every situation. It is essential to consult a specialist doctor for the right treatment and to determine the right method for the most appropriate treatment.

Apart from this, if the patient has myopia, laser may be preferred. If the patient also wants to say goodbye to reading glasses, in other words close-up glasses, then the monovision method is preferred.

Monovision is a method based on leaving one eye slightly myopic during LASIK treatment. In this method, the non-dominant eye is adjusted to be left in a low myopic state. Thus, it is ensured that nearby objects are seen more clearly. With the adjustment made on the dominant eye, it is ensured that this eye sees distant objects clearly.

Can you have laser surgery after the age of 40

As a Conclusion

After the age of 40, laser treatment can be preferred. However, as mentioned above, the condition of the patient is effective here. For the most accurate and clearest vision, the patient should be examined by an ophthalmologist who is an expert in the field. The best treatment method is determined in line with the decision to be made with the doctor. This decision may be in favor of the lens or laser treatment.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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