Does Advanced Cataract Affect Surgery Success?

Cataract is one of the eye diseases that cause vision to be affected and increase in severity over time. At the point of treatment, it is necessary to say that surgical intervention is essential. Because in cataracts, the lens of the eye loses its transparency and there is no possibility of spontaneous healing or regeneration. At the point of surgical intervention, there are many points that patients are curious about. One of them is the relationship between how advanced the disease is and the success rate of the surgery. So does advanced cataract really affect the success of surgery? Let’s try to answer this question.

How does advanced cataract affect the success of surgery?

We can say that there are several different factors that affect the success of cataract surgery. Such as the doctor’s experience, the condition of the patient’s eye, etc. The fact that the disease is advanced can be shown as one of the most effective among these factors.

The success rate of the surgery is quite high in advanced cataracts, and the fact that the disease is advanced does not mean that unsuccessful results will be obtained. However, when the disease progresses, the cloudiness in the natural lens of the eye will increase and a harder, dull lens will form.

This causes the surgical operation to be more challenging. The duration of the operation may be longer. In addition, the recovery time after the operation will be longer as more effort is made in the eye. We can see that full recovery takes a little more time.

ilerlemiş katarakt ameliyat başarısını etkiler mi?


Progressive cataracts not only require a more challenging surgical operation, but also mean a longer recovery period. It is therefore important for patients to consult their specialist doctor as soon as they feel the symptoms of the disease and undergo a detailed eye examination.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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