Does Cataract Recur?

A veil over the eye, foggy or hazy vision and many similar expressions. These are the words that describe cataract disease, which is now widely known among the public. Cataract, which usually develops due to age, is unfortunately a very common eye condition that directly affects vision. In many of our content so far, we have talked about the treatments of this condition and exactly what it is. This time, the subject we will discuss will be a little different. Because there is another very curious subject about cataracts. We are talking about the question “Does cataract recur?”, which we often receive.

We will provide an answer to the questions of our patients who have or decide to have surgical intervention. Then let’s move on to the details.

What is cataract and how is it treated?

First of all, let’s explain what cataract is and the treatment method. In this eye condition, opacification occurs in the lens of the eye, which should be transparent, and the transparent lens loses its feature.

In this case, there is a decrease in vision and even a complete loss of vision in the later stages.

In the treatment phase, cataract surgery should be applied. In the surgical procedure, the lens of the eye that has lost its transparency is removed and replaced with an artificial lens.

In this way, the curtain that will cover the patient’s vision is removed and replaced with a transparent layer.

Up to this point, this is the most well-known part of cataracts and the most general part of the procedure. So, is there a possibility of cataract recurrence after this procedure? This is the main question.

Things to Consider After Cataract Surgery

Does Cataract Recur? What is Secondary Cataract?

First of all, let’s start by answering our question. Cataract does not occur a second time after surgical intervention. Because the lens of the eye has already been removed and replaced with an artificial lens.

Here, some of the tissues that stabilize the lens of the eye are not interfered with and these tissues are also necessary for the artificial lens that needs to be placed later. The membrane layer on which the artificial lens is placed during surgery may become dull and harden over time. In this case, a so-called secondary cataract occurs.

No surgical intervention or operation is required for this condition called secondary cataract. With the laser method called YAG laser, treatment can be performed in a very short time and the patient regains his/her healthy vision.


Cataract does not recur after artificial lens placement. However, as mentioned above, different situations may occur and in these cases, the effects can be eliminated with short-term easy treatments.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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