Does Diabetes Affect the Eye?

Diabetes, also known as diabetes, is one of the disorders that threaten the general health of the patient and have a negative effect on the functioning of other organs. We can also show the eyes among the organs affected by diabetes. In this blog content, we will try to answer the questions of how diabetes affects the eye and what can be done against it.

What is Diabetes?

First, let’s get to know this disease briefly. Diabetes is a disease that occurs as a result of not using sugar in the body regularly. The disease, which occurs when insulin, which regulates the sugar level in the blood, is not secreted sufficiently from the pancreas, damages many organs and functioning of the body, including the circulatory system.

Does Diabetes Affect the Eye? How Does It Affect It?

If we go back to our topic, diabetes affects the eye. We use the term diabetic eye disease for eye disorders caused by diabetes, and the additional common problem in this area is diabetic retinopathy. Let’s start by explaining retinopathy. As in other parts of the body, diabetes disrupts the structure of the blood vessels in the eye. Small gaps or bubble formations start to be observed in the blood vessels whose structure is deteriorated.

These formations and damage to the blood vessels can cause bleeding as well as problems such as leakage of blood in the vessels. Over time, vascular buds begin to form in the vessels in the eye and this can lead to intraocular hemorrhages. It is not possible to specify a time or process for intraocular hemorrhages. We cannot know when bleeding will develop or how often it will occur.

Since it is an insidiously progressing condition, diabetics should also have regular eye examinations. During the examination, the condition of the vessels in the eye is checked and it is understood whether there is any damage. Retinopathy, which progresses without showing many symptoms, can cause vision loss in the later stages. Therefore, regular eye examinations and early intervention are very important.

Does Diabetes Affect the Eye

How is Diabetic Retinopathy Treated?

Laser method can be used for treatment in the early stages. With the laser method, bleeding in the vessels is stopped and edema formation is prevented. In addition, we should also mention that the laser method is used as an effective method to prevent new vascular formations. However, laser may not be sufficient in the later stages. After bleeding in certain areas, the laser cannot be applied because the vision is blocked for the retina and surgical intervention is required.

Other effects should not be forgotten

Diabetic retinopathy is not the only effect of diabetes on the eye. In addition, we need to say that it has effects such as increasing the risk of glaucoma and increasing the possibility of cataracts.

The best thing that patients can do here is to pay attention to their treatment and have regular eye checks from the early stage of diabetes. As we said above, the diseases we mentioned above can progress insidiously and even blindness may occur as a result.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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