Does Menopause Cause Dry Eyes?

Dry eye, which is one of the most important factors affecting healthy vision, can be caused by many things. Many direct or indirect causes can lead to the development and progression of dry eye. So is menopause among these causes? Does menopause cause dry eye? Let’s move on to the answer to our question.

What is the Relationship Between Menopause and Dry Eye?

Menopause is a period when the balance of hormones completely changes. The change in hormones naturally causes the body to be affected. Eyes are also affected by this situation.

The main reason is the decrease in androgen and ostrogen hormones during menopause. The decrease in hormones that are effective in tear production not only affects the functioning of the tear glands, but also causes tear production to slow down.

The risk of dry eye increases with decreased tear quantity and tear quality. Based on this, we can say that menopause has a high direct effect on dry eye.

Menopoz Kuru Göze Neden Olur mu?

It is important to note that medications for menopause do not have a major effect on dry eye. The best thing to do during this period is to consult a specialist ophthalmologist and determine the auxiliary treatment that will minimize the effect of dry eye.

Do not forget that you should pay more attention to eyelash care, eyelid hygiene and nutrition, as the risk of dry eye increases during this period.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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