Does Night Vision Change After Laser?

Laser eye surgery is one of the effective and permanent treatment methods applied to eliminate the visual impairment effect caused by refractive errors. Of course, with its widespread use, the tendency of patients towards this treatment has increased. Naturally, laser eye surgery treatment is now more curious and more questions are coming. In this content, we will look for an answer to one of the questions we frequently encounter. Does night vision change after laser eye surgery?

Does night vision change after laser eye surgery?

In daytime vision, that is, under light, our pupil shrinks. At night, on the contrary, our pupil enlarges and in this way, the eye receives more light in the dark.

The reason for deterioration or fluctuations in night vision after laser eye surgery is that when the pupil dilates at night, it goes beyond the laser area.

With the developing technology, this complication can now be avoided to a great extent. Because in the new generation laser technologies, personalized measurements are made and the operation is performed in a personalized manner.

Here, measurements are taken in a completely dark room to determine how large the pupil of the patient’s eye is and the laser boundaries and measurements are determined specifically for the patient.

Lazer göz ameliyatı sonrası gece görüşü değişir mi

Thus, complications that may occur are prevented, as well as the change in night vision after the laser is prevented. We have to say that developing technology has a great impact here.

If we consider that when a correct evaluation is made, side effects and postoperative complications will be minimized, it should not be forgotten that the doctor’s experience is also very important here.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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