Does Scratching the Eyes Harm the Eyes?

Itching in the eyes is a condition that often appears innocent and develops instantly. Your eyes may be itchy for any reason, but the most important thing is what you do when your eyes itch. The question may seem a bit interesting to you, but it is precisely this question that needs to be examined. Because there is a big question mark here. Scratching the eye is a very simple action, but does scratching the eyes harm the eyes? This is the question that needs to be answered.
In this blog content, we will look at what effects scratching the eye actually causes.

Why Itchy Eyes?

In one of our previous blog posts, we talked about the causes of itchy eyes in detail. We leave the link to that content right here. If we want to make a general definition, we can say that itchy eyes can have many causes. It is possible to count many factors such as dry eye syndrome, any object in the eye, cigarette smoke or air pollution. As we said above, you can learn details about the causes through the link we shared. Now let’s come to the answer to our main question.

Is It Really Harmful to Scratch Your Eyes?

When you scratch your eyes, you may experience relief by relieving the itching sensation for a moment. But in fact, this process will damage your eye. Depending on the intensity of scratching, the condition of the damage that may occur in the eye also varies. Let’s talk about possible damages.

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Situations You May Encounter

Eye Irritation

When you scratch your eyes vigorously, you can irritate the surface of the eye. Redness or swelling of the eye may occur.

Damage to the cornea may occur

During eye itching, you also put pressure on your cornea. In this case, negativities such as softening of the cornea may occur over time. With the pressure on the cornea, you also prepare the ground for keratoconus disease.

Risk of Infection

Germs and bacteria that accumulate on your hands during the day can enter your eyes when you scratch your eyes and cause eye infections.


When all these are evaluated, we can answer the question “Does scratching the eyes harm the eyes?” as “Yes”. If you have an itching problem that does not go away, in this case, an examination by a specialist physician will help you find the cause of the itching and find a solution.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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