Is Allergy More Common in Keratoconus Patients?

There are many details about keratoconus disease and the effects of this disease on vision. From time to time, we answer the questions you wonder about this subject in our blog content. In this content, we will answer one of the questions we received again. Does the incidence of allergies increase in keratoconus patients? What is the effect of keratoconus on this issue?

Allergy Status in Keratoconus Patients

We can give a clear answer to this question by proceeding in reverse. Yes, keratoconus is more common in people with allergic constitution. We can also say that there is an indirect connection between allergic reaction and keratoconus.

Allergic diseases can cause an increase in immunological reactions and itching in the eye. Itching in the eye is a risk factor that can accelerate the progression of keratoconus.

Keratokonus Hastalarında Alerji Daha Sık Görülür mü?

Eye Scratching and Keratoconus

Eye scratching plays an important role in the development and progression of keratoconus. Allergy-induced eye itching is common in patients with keratoconus, and constant rubbing of the eyes can disrupt the structural integrity of the cornea. This mechanical stress can lead to further thinning of the cornea and increased deformity. Therefore, it is very important for keratoconus patients to control their eye scratching habits.

Immunologic Links

Immunologic changes and signs of inflammation are also frequently observed in patients with keratoconus. This supports the influence of allergic reactions on keratoconus. Increased immunologic responses may contribute to corneal thinning and accelerate disease progression.

For these reasons, management of allergies and control of eye scratching in patients with keratoconus may play an important role in slowing disease progression. Treatment and management strategies should be aimed at alleviating patients’ allergic symptoms.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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