Is Excimer Laser Performed a Second Time?

Excimer laser, which is one of the preferred methods to eliminate refractive errors in the eye, is among the treatments that give fast and effective results. In most cases, with a one-time application, the desired result is achieved for the patient and rapid recovery is seen. What if there is a need for a second operation? Is Excimer laser performed a second time? What should the patient do in this case? Let’s look at the answers to these questions.

How Many Times Can Excimer Laser Be Performed?

As we said at the beginning, we see that the method is often sufficient for one-time treatment. In other words, if no complications occur, the patient’s eye will be ready for vision as determined after the first surgery under standard conditions. Vision problems will improve at the determined rate.

If the vision deteriorates again afterwards or an unexpected complication develops, Excimer laser can be performed again. Although it is a very low probability, we can see that the operation is repeated if the desired efficiency is not obtained from the operation.

Excimer lazer

However, detailed examinations are important for the operation to be performed again. Because in the Excimer laser method, the eye surface is reshaped and refractive errors are aimed to be eliminated.

In case of a second or third operation, the appropriate structure must remain on the surface of the eye. For this, it is important that the patient is examined in detail and a time interval is determined accordingly and the operation is repeated accordingly. Remember that you should consult your specialist doctor to determine the best way forward.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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