Is Laser Eye Surgery Possible During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a period when the hormone balance changes and some changes occur in the body. Since these changes, which occur in the usual course, affect many structures of the body, pregnancy is considered a special process in many respects. During this period, the expectant mother should pay more attention to her health and if there are treatments to be applied, she should seek the opinion of her specialist physician about the applicability of these treatments. The same applies to eye health during this special period. Since the eyes take their share from the changes experienced during pregnancy, it is necessary to be careful about the treatment of eye diseases during pregnancy. Of course, laser eye surgery is among these treatments. In this blog content, we will try to explain the situation by answering the question “Is laser eye surgery possible during pregnancy?” which is frequently asked to us.

Treatment of Eye Diseases during Pregnancy

As always, in case of eye problems during pregnancy, the patient should consult a specialized ophthalmologist and follow the treatment recommended by the ophthalmologist. This is because the use of medication should be done more carefully during this period.

As for laser eye surgery, laser eye surgery is not recommended during pregnancy. Because hormonal changes during this period may cause problems such as dryness in the eye, corneal edema or increased sensitivity.

In addition, the refractive error in the eye may also vary during this period. If we consider that refractive errors are calculated in detail in laser eye surgery and the operation is performed accordingly, it may occur that the operations performed during this period may not give the desired efficiency.

Hamilelikte Lazer Göz Ameliyatı Olur muConclusion

When all these factors are evaluated, we can say that laser eye surgery is not recommended during pregnancy. Of course, let us remind you that a specialist examination is important here.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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