Is Lazy Eye Solved with Laser?

Lazy eye is a condition, often occurring in childhood, in which one eye has less vision than the other eye. Although there is no structural defect in the eye or optic nerves, one eye has less vision than the other eye, which affects the quality of vision. When we move on to the treatment part of the work, we come across different treatment methods that patients can be directed to. However, the most curious issue at the treatment stage is whether laser surgery will provide a solution. Patients with both lazy eye and refractive error wonder whether laser surgery can be a solution for both. Is this possible?

Does Laser Treatment Remove Lazy Eye?

Laser treatment is one of the treatments used to correct refractive errors and can eliminate refractive errors. However, laser treatment is not a preferred treatment to eliminate lazy eye.

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With treatments such as LASIK, refractive errors are corrected, creating a better environment for the use of the eye diagnosed with lazy eye. For example, if you wear glasses or contact lenses for your eye disorder, the laser eliminates these refractive errors, although it does not cure lazy eye. But we cannot say that laser is a direct solution to lazy eye. We cannot even count it among the preferred treatments for this.

It is necessary to consult a specialized doctor for the treatment of lazy eye. Also, do not forget that early diagnosis and early treatment is also a very important factor here.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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