Presbyopia Correcting Intraocular Lens Prices

There are several different treatment methods that can be preferred for those who want to say goodbye to glasses. Laser is one of them and the most preferred one. Apart from this, another frequently preferred treatment is smart lenses, popularly known as smart lenses. Thanks to the lenses placed inside the eye, patients can say goodbye to near and far glasses. We can say that this type of lenses offer an additional solution not only to say goodbye to glasses but also to cataracts. This treatment, which is based on the principle of placing an artificial intraocular lens in the eye, is preferred very frequently due to its advantages. The most curious part of the smart lens application, which is especially recommended for patients over the age of 40, is the prices. “How much are smart lens prices?” is among the most researched questions.

In this blog content, we will try to satisfy your curiosity by answering questions such as whether it is possible to give a clear price or what are the factors affecting the prices.

What is Smart Lens Actually? A Brief Information (In Turkey public call smart Intraocular lens.)

Yes, we will talk about the price, but first let’s clarify one thing. Although these lenses are popularly known as smart lenses, it should be noted that there is actually no technology that directly meets the word “smart”. In other words, because of this expression, you should not think that there is any chip or software inside the lenses.

These lenses are actually a general nomenclature for multifocal, multifocal or trifocal lenses. As a marketing strategy, the lenses, which were introduced as smart lenses in our country, were recognized as such. Since this expression is mostly used among the public, we will continue to call all intraocular lenses as smart lenses in the next part of our article.

Smart Intraocular IOL PricesFactors Affecting Smart Lens Prices

  • Before we talk about price, there are some factors that patients who will prefer this method should consider. We will talk about these factors first.

Brand and Quality of the Preferred Lens

  • One of the factors that directly affect the price is the quality of the lens. The higher the quality of the lens to be preferred and the more reliable the brand, the higher the smart lens prices will increase.
  • Here, criteria such as whether the lens has FDA approval and whether it has CE certification will also be factors that directly affect the price of the lens.

What is the Quality of the Lens

  • The price will also vary depending on the nature of the lenses to be used. Different pricing is made according to the normal lens or astigmatism lens distinction. Apart from this, it may also be possible to talk about price changes according to the number to be selected.
  • The material of the lens to be used will also be effective on the price.

Cataract Status

  • If the patient has cataract development, the condition of the cataract will also be one of the factors directly affecting the price. Advanced cataracts may cause the cost of smart lens surgery to increase.

Structure of the Eye

  • The structure of the patient’s eye is also among the criteria that affect the lens selection. If the patient’s eye is shallow, it is necessary to use more material, which is one of the important factors in increasing the price.

Surgeon’s Experience

  • One of the most important factors affecting the prices of smart lens surgery is the experience of the surgeon who will perform the operation. Choosing an experienced surgeon is a very important criterion to keep the success rate at the highest level. Of course, preferring surgeons with more experience may bring a slightly higher cost.

Surgery Costs

  • Smart lens prices will not be the only factor in the overall cost. When evaluating the prices, it is necessary to consider the treatment as a whole. It is also necessary to calculate the costs of the surgery where the lens will be placed in the eye and other examinations. Again, this is a factor that will have a direct impact on the price.

Smart Intraocular IOL PricesCan an Average Number be Given for Smart Lens Prices?

Even when we evaluate only the reasons above, we can say that a clear price cannot be given for smart lens prices. Prices will vary from person to person. The most important part here will be to consult a specialist doctor.

After examining you, your doctor will determine the most suitable lens and treatment method for you. Naturally, it is possible to evaluate the price part of the work after this stage.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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