What are the Symptoms of Eye Allergy?

Eye allergy, which is very common in the spring months, can cause discomfort at a level that affects the patient’s vision. Patients who are generally faced with eye allergy in certain periods can sometimes confuse this condition with different diseases. At this point, we can say that it is important to know the common symptoms. So what are the symptoms of eye allergy? Let’s see which symptoms patients should suspect eye allergy.

Symptoms of Eye Allergy and Possible Conditions

To explain the symptoms more clearly, we will discuss each symptom separately. Let’s move on to our list.

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Watery eyes: Allergies can cause an abnormal amount of watery eyes. You may experience watery eyes, usually in the form of a clear and watery discharge.

Sensation of Dryness: In fact, we have deliberately added watering and dryness back to back. Watery eyes are also a symptom of dry eyes, no matter how contradictory it may sound. What is important here is the quality of the tears that moisturize the eyes. As the quality of tears decreases, dry eye syndrome can occur. It should also be mentioned that dry eyes are among the symptoms of eye allergy.

Redness: Redness of the eye may occur due to allergies. Likewise, there may be a situation such as redness of the eyelash bases.

Itching in the Eyes: Itching is one of the most common effects of allergies. Itching in the eyes is a condition that will directly affect and disturb the person. At the same time, scratching or rubbing the eye can also cause keratoconus disease. When we look at it like this, we can say that we should not scratch the eye.

Burning and Stinging Sensation: Burning and stinging sensation may also occur with dryness in the eyes. Again, in this case, rubbing and scratching the eye should be avoided.

Increased Sensitivity to Light: Although not in everyone, sensitivity to light may increase in eye allergy. When you look at the light source, a feeling of discomfort may occur.

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