What Can We Do to Improve the Quality of Our Tears?

Contrary to popular belief, the quality of our tears is among the factors that directly affect our eye health. Not producing enough tears or not producing tears of sufficient quality can lead to dry eye. We can even say that it is one of the most important causes of dry eye. When we look deeper, we can indirectly say that dry eye also causes diseases such as keratoconus. So how can we improve the quality of our tears, which are so important for our eye health? What suggestions can we make for this? Let’s take a look.

What We Can Do to Make Our Tears Better Quality

Paying Attention to Eye Hygiene

The first step to maintain tear health is to take care of the care and hygiene of our eyelids. The eyelids have meibomian glands, which are responsible for the secretions that form the oil layer in tears.

Blockages in these glands prevent the secretion of the necessary oil layer and therefore the tear quality cannot reach the desired level. To prevent this situation, it is necessary to have regular eyelash base care. Again, in cases of congestion, congestion can be prevented by utilizing state-of-the-art treatment solutions such as LipiFlow.

Making Healthy Eating a Regularity

A healthy and balanced diet is as important for tears as it is for the functioning of the whole body. You can maintain the quality of your tears by eating a balanced and adequate diet. It may be especially beneficial to prefer foods rich in omega-3.

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Consuming as much water as the body needs

Maintaining water balance is as important as a healthy diet. Consuming enough water will be effective in producing enough tears and maintaining the quality of tears.

Avoiding Harmful Habits

Smoking or consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can be among the reasons that are effective in decreasing tear quality. If you have such habits that also impair eye health, let us remind you that getting away from your bad habits as soon as possible will yield effective results for your eye health.

In conclusion, a regular and healthy life is important to protect our tear quality and prevent diseases such as dry eye. It should also be said that care and hygiene are also of great importance.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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