What is Phakic IOL? Who is it Suitable for?

Myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism. Although their names or the negative effects they have on vision are different, all these eye defects are eye defects that negatively affect the life of the person and reduce the quality of life. Yes, glasses and lenses can be preferred for such eye defects, but it should not be forgotten that glasses and lenses also create a burden on the person in terms of quality of life and comfort. There are some treatments we prefer to eliminate these eye defects and provide the patient with a comfortable vision again. Phakic IOL is one of these treatments.
What is Phakic IOL, which is especially preferable for patients who do not want to wear glasses or contact lenses? Who is it mostly suitable for? Let’s take a look.

What is Phakic IOL?

In this procedure (Phakic Intraocular Lens), an artificial lens is placed in the eye with a tiny operation. In this operation, the eye’s own lens is not interfered with and the lens is placed in the eye through a tiny incision. In this treatment, nothing is removed from inside the eye or no changes are made to the eye’s own lens. Since there is no need to remove the lens from the eye or make a large incision, the procedure is completed in as little as 15-20 minutes.

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Which Eye Defects Is It Used To Remove?

Actually, we said it in the introduction, but let us remind you once again.

Phakic IOL;

  • Myopia
  • Astigmatism
  • Hyperopia

It is preferred in eye defects such as.

Not to be Confused with Cataract Surgery

We need to mention one more small detail here. Let’s create an answer to the questions. In cataract surgery, the damaged lens of the eye is removed and an artificial lens is placed to correct the vision.
In phakic IOL operation, no intervention is made to the eye’s own lens. The existing lens is preserved.
We can say that this treatment is preferred in young patients who are not suitable for laser.

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What Advantages Does Phakic IOL Offer?

Before concluding our blog content, let’s give some brief information about the advantages of this treatment.


  • It can be applied through a very small incision.
  • There is no need to intervene in the lens of the eye.
  • The recovery period is short and the patient can return to his/her daily life in a very short time.
  • There is no need to wear glasses and contact lenses.

We have answered the questions of what is phakic IOL and to whom it can be applied. It should be noted that you should be examined by a specialist physician to determine whether the treatment we mentioned is suitable for you. The doctor will make the best decision for you.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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