What Tests Are Performed Before LASIK Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery is a treatment method with a high success rate and a faster recovery time compared to alternatives. Thanks to laser eye surgery, refractive errors in the patient’s eye can be eliminated and the patient’s vision is improved. LASIK stands out as one of the most applied methods here. Yes, laser is such an effective solution, but how does the preparation process work? In this content, we will look at which tests are performed before LASIK eye surgery and what stands out in the doctor’s examination.

Tests Before LASIK Eye Surgery

We can say that whether the patient is suitable for laser depends on the results of these tests. If the condition of the patient’s eye is not suitable for treatment, then we can see that some different alternative treatment choices are made.

At this point, the first test to be applied for the patient is the corneal thickness test. The laser thins the corneal thickness to a certain extent. Therefore, an adjustment should be made so that the patient’s cornea remains healthy after surgery.

The degree of refraction should also be measured. Thus, the most suitable adjustments for the patient are determined. Drawing a corneal map will be effective in determining the condition of the person’s eye.

Lazer göz ameliyatıIn addition to these tests, your doctor will also perform examinations for different conditions such as eye pressure and determine the most appropriate treatment process for you.

If, after all the tests, it is determined that your corneal thickness is not suitable or a similar negative situation arises, you may be directed to a different treatment alternative to laser. This should be decided together with the doctor.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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