Why does cataract occur at a young age?

Cataract is generally known as a disease of old age and is defined accordingly. As we age, the lens of the eye begins to lose its flexibility, become darker and lose its transparency. The lens that loses its transparency also prevents clear vision and cataracts occur. This disease, which usually occurs due to the effects of aging, is defined as a disease of old age. But this is actually not the case. Although it is rarer, cataracts can also occur at a young age. In this blog, we will try to answer the question “Why does cataract occur at a young age?”.

Causes of Cataracts at a Young Age

First of all, it must be said that cataract is a condition that rarely occurs in youth. As we mentioned at the beginning, we see that this disease occurs mostly in the elderly in the natural process. As for the causes, we can list the following items as the causes.

Things to Consider After Cataract Surgery

Genetic Effects

Hereditary predisposition is one of the major reasons for the early development of cataracts. In hereditarily predisposed patients, cataracts can develop congenitally or even in infancy.

Illnesses Experienced

Diseases can also cause cataracts to develop at a young age. Conditions such as diabetes, tuberculosis or hypertension can also cause cataract development in the eye at an early stage.

Medicines Used

Some medications can cause clouding of the lens of the eye and can also trigger cataract formation. We can see that a more intense effect occurs especially in long-term drug use.

Smoking and Alcohol Use

Smoking and alcohol use damages the eyes, just as it damages all other systems of the body. Smoking and alcohol consumption, which can cause damage to the lens in the eye, can also cause cataracts to occur at a young age.

Continuous Exposure to Harmful Rays

In case of prolonged exposure to UV rays and similar harmful rays, deterioration in the structure of the lens of the eye may occur and cataract formation may occur at an early age.

Occurrence after Traumatic Events

Direct blows to the eye, traumatic events that may occur due to physical effects on the lens of the eye can cause damage to the lens and consequently cataract development. Due to all these reasons and similar reasons, you may face cataract disease at a young age, even if it is a rare condition. We can say that the treatment for cataracts that develop at a young age or at a later stage is common.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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