How is Excimer Laser Performed?

Excimer laser is one of the most preferred eye treatments because it gives fast results and the healing process is fast. In our content, we constantly mention that the treatment is one of the fastest treatments. In this content, we will go into a little more detail and talk about how excimer laser is performed and what are the processes.

How Does the Process Work in Excimer Laser?

By talking about the operation process, we will discuss the process step by step.

Excimer lazer

Eye Numbing Phase: Local anesthesia is preferred so that the patient does not feel pain or ache during the operation. For this, eye drops are used and the eye where the procedure will be performed is numbed with local anesthesia.

Flap Creation if necessary: There are two different methods in the excimer laser procedure. If necessary, a flap is created in the corneal layer and the laser procedure is applied after the layer is removed. If the surface laser will be performed directly without creating a flap, you can consider that the flap stage has been passed.

Laser Procedure: With this procedure, laser beams are used to reshape the corneal tissue. The cornea is adjusted according to the condition of the patient’s eye.

Flap Closure: If a flap has been made, the flap is repositioned after the laser procedure and the procedure is completed.

Healing Process and Controls: After the healing process after the operation, it is necessary to use the medications prescribed by the doctor, apply the eye drops prescribed by the doctor and make the doctor’s controls without interruption. We can consider this whole process as the healing process.

Excimer laser steps can be summarized in this way in the most general sense. Under normal conditions, we can say that the patient’s vision starts to improve within a few hours after the operation and the process is fast.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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