What Happens If I Do Not Have Cataract Surgery?

Cataract is one of the eye diseases that usually occurs in advanced ages and is also known by different terms such as curtains in the eye. Since it is a progressive disease, its effect on vision increases over time and the person starts to lose his/her vision. So, is surgery necessary for cataract? What happens if we do not have cataract surgery?

Can I lose my vision if I do not have cataract surgery?

To answer this question, we will first need to explain cataract. In a healthy eye, the transparent lens in the front part of the eye ensures that the light is focused correctly and thus a smooth vision is obtained.

In cataract disease, the lens, which should be transparent, becomes opaque. As the opacity of the lens increases and the lens loses its transparency, vision begins to decrease. In the later stages, we can see that vision is completely blocked.

What needs to be done for treatment is to remove the opaque lens and replace it with a transparent artificial lens. Unfortunately, there is no other treatment as effective as surgery. Surgery is kind of mandatory for the patient to regain his/her vision. What happens if we do not have surgery? We said cataract is a progressive disease. If it is not treated early, the patient’s vision will be blocked, and in the later stages, the dull lens may become harder.

Katarakt ameliyati olmazsak ne olur 4

Depending on the patient, removing the hardened lens from the eye is a more challenging procedure. In this case, the time spent in surgery increases, more effort is required and this may lead to a longer recovery period.

Early intervention is also very important in cataract disease for the most effective solution and short recovery time. If you are experiencing symptoms after a certain age, we recommend that you consult a specialist doctor and have a detailed examination without wasting time.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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