What is the CAIRS Technique in Keratoconus Treatment?

Keratoconus is a corneal condition that affects the cornea, causing it to thin and swell, leading to visual impairment. For those seeking an effective and safe keratoconus treatment, there is a promising approach called CAIRS, which stands for Corneal Allograft Intrastromal Ring Segment. This method involves the implantation of natural human collagen into the weakest point of the cornea using femtosecond laser technology.

What is CAIRS?

Let’s go into a little more detail and try to explain more clearly how important the CAIRS technique is in the treatment of keratoconus.

CAIRS is a state-of-the-art technique designed to overcome the challenges of keratoconus. It uses natural human collagen, a substance that is both safe and unique to the body, to strengthen the cornea. The procedure involves the precise placement of a corneal allograft intrastromal ring segment, which is carefully implanted into the cornea using femtosecond laser technology.

What is the CAIRSMeet Keranatural! What is Keranatural?

Keranatural is a ready-to-use product included in the CAIRS procedure. It is sourced from Vision Gift, a reputable eye bank in the USA and meets the highest safety and quality standards. Using natural human collagen, Keranatural simplifies the process, making it more accessible to patients seeking relief from keratoconus.

Key Features of CAIRS – Keranatural

Natural Human Collagen: The CAIRS method uses natural human collagen (Keranatural), a substance that is not foreign to the body. This ensures a natural and elastic response, minimizing the risk of adverse reactions.

Femtosecond Laser Technology: The use of femtosecond laser technology ensures precision and accuracy in the implantation process. This advanced technology enhances the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.

Ready to Use Convenience: Keranatural is a ready-to-use product, making the keratoconus treatment process easier and more convenient for both patients and healthcare providers.

What is the CAIRS

How Safe is CAIRS – Keranatural?

The safety of CAIRS – Keranatural is emphasized by its approval for use in corneal keratoplasty surgery. Since these procedures contain natural human collagen, the risk of foreign body reaction is minimized. Complications such as corneal melting, segment displacement, etc. have not been encountered in our 4-year follow-up and we do not expect them in the future. These complications were side effects that can be seen in plastic traditional corneal rings.


If you are experiencing the effects of keratoconus and are looking for a safe and effective keratoconus treatment, CAIRS – Keranatural offers a promising approach. It is important to consult with your eye care professional to determine if this method is suitable for your individual needs and to learn more about its potential benefits and outcomes.

Participating in discussions with your health care provider and staying informed are among the most important criteria for making informed decisions about your eye health.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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