Can I Swim With Contact Lenses?

Summer is here. Naturally, we can say that the sea and pool season has started. At this point, we know that there is a question mark in the minds of contact lens wearers. Of course, the most curious question is “Can you swim with contact lenses?”. Let’s explain our clear answer and reasons for this question that comes up every year.

If You Wear Contact Lenses, Be Careful When Entering the Sea and Pool!

When answering this question, it is necessary to draw attention to two separate points.

The first point is the fact that contact lenses do not stick directly to your eye. Since these lenses do not stick to your eye, when you enter the water, your lens may fall out and you will most likely lose your lens in the water.

The second and main point is eye health. Because in pool and sea water, no matter how clean the water looks, there may be bacteria, viruses and fungi. When these organisms come into contact with the lens, they can stick to the lens and cause infection in your eyes or various diseases.

The severity of developing eye infections can increase and you may also face more serious eye diseases.

Kontakt Lens ile Denize Girilir mi


If you go into the sea or pool, we strongly recommend that you remove your contact lenses. In fact, it would be better to replace contact lenses that come into contact with pool water or sea salt with new ones instead of reusing them.
If you are going to enter the sea or pool with your contact lenses, you can at least choose to use protective goggles here. We can even say that even those who do not wear contact lenses, it would be better to wear protective glasses when entering the sea and pool.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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