What is Femtosecond Laser?

Today, there are a wide variety of methods used in the treatment of eye diseases. Especially in this field, we can see the direct impact of technology. Femtosecond laser method is one of the major advantages that technology has brought to the sector. The method, which is used in refractive surgery and cataract surgery, both increases the success rate of the operation and ensures that the healing process takes place quickly. So what is this femtosecond laser? In which treatments and for what?

What is Femtosecond Laser?

Femtosecond laser, which brings the level of success and safety in laser surgeries to the highest level, is also called bladeless laser. In fact, the method is related to the flap created during laser surgeries.

In knife surgeries, the valve is removed with a flap created with the help of a knife. But using a knife has some risks. Problems such as rupture of the valve, cutting too much or too little and creating irregular incisions can be encountered.

The femtosecond laser method prevents all these problems. Instead of a knife, femtoLASIK devices are now used for valve removal and the risks posed by the knife are eliminated.

A thinner incision is created in the patient’s eye without the use of a knife. Thus, a much smaller incision can be created and a much more regular incision is obtained.

Femtosecond Laser

What are the Advantages of Femtosecond Laser?

Now that we have talked about what it is, let’s talk about the advantages of this method compared to classical blade laser operations. We will list the advantages immediately below.

  • The incision created without the use of a knife can be adjusted more precisely.
  • The margin of error is much lower compared to knife operations.
  • The success of the operation is increased.
  • The recovery time after surgery is much shorter.
  • Unexpected risks and complications are minimized.
Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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