Cataract Surgery Prices – 2024

Cataract surgery is one of the most effective methods preferred to treat cataract disease that occurs after dulling of the lens of the eye. The aim of the procedure is to remove the dulled intraocular lens and replace it with a transparent artificial lens to restore vision. As with many other treatments, there are many points that patients are curious about both the operation process and the postoperative period in cataract surgery. One of the most common questions we receive is “How are the cataract surgery prices?”. It is not possible to give a direct answer to this question, but we can share the factors that affect the prices with you so that you can have an idea.

What are the Factors Affecting Cataract Surgery Prices?

The price of the surgery varies from patient to patient and whether it will be performed in both eyes or not. As mentioned above, the most important reason for this is that the factors that affect the price vary from patient to patient. Let’s discuss these factors under headings for clarity.

The Method to be Preferred for Surgery

Advanced technologies have of course led to the emergence of new solutions for this type of surgery. It would not be wrong to say that the new treatment methods to be used or the treatment method to be used directly has a direct effect on the price. We can talk about two main methods here.

  • Phacoemulsification Method: Through a tiny incision, the dull lens is broken down with ultrasound waves and vacuumed out. An artificial lens is then placed through this mini incision.
  • ECCE, Extracapsular Cataract Extraction: The lens is removed through a large incision and replaced with a new lens. It stands out as a less preferred method recently.

We see that these methods to be chosen directly affect the cataract surgery prices. You need to determine the method that will be the best and most comfortable for you with your doctor.

Katarakt Ameliyatı Fiyatları

Type of Lens Used

When determining the process for cataract surgery, the most suitable lens for the patient’s eye is selected. For this purpose, a detailed examination is performed and at the end of the process, the ideal lens is decided. Here, trifocal lenses that are effective in correcting both near and distance vision, monofocal lenses that are effective only on one focus or toric lenses that will also eliminate astigmatism can be preferred.

The type of lenses preferred will also have a direct impact on cataract surgery prices. Although trifocal lenses give better results by being effective on both distance and near vision, their costs may be higher. Again, the condition of the patient’s eye and the patient’s wishes together with the doctor’s evaluation should be considered here.

As Always, Hospital and Surgeon Selection

The choice of doctor and hospital is one of the factors affecting the prices of all other operations, but it is also effective for cataract surgery. Choosing doctors who are experts in their field and have high experience, as well as choosing hospitals with wide range of facilities can be effective in increasing the costs.

Impact of Surgical Services

Both preoperative examinations and postoperative examinations are factors that affect the cost. Again, the stages of treatment recommended by the doctor are also very important in the factor that will affect the total cataract surgery prices.

A pricing should be made by taking all these factors into consideration. In order to get the right pricing, you must have a detailed examination. You can contact us immediately to learn our special price offers and to determine the cost.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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